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Our Story


Someone once told me introverts wait for extroverts to tell them they are friends. In hopes that an extrovert would find me as a friend, I headed to the local bar and played darts in the corner by myself.

I was hanging at the bar with my friends and noticed someone playing darts by herself. She wasn't someone I recognized so I went up and asked if I could join her.

After I finished the round, I handed him the darts and we played a few games. I was crowned the Queen of Darts, and we talked the rest of the night getting to know each other. 

The Day We Met

The Day He Proposed

Stay Tuned

IMG_8513 (2).JPG

I knew she was the one and others must have known too, because they kept asking me when I was going to propose. I told them it will happen, and left it at that. One day after work I decided to go buy a ring and started to plan the proposal.

Monday after work, Andrew asked if I wanted to go for a walk. The rain had just finished up, so it was a perfect time to go hunting for agates. Something we like to do together. As we walked down the gravel road, he called out "come look at this one" as he knelt on one knee. At first I didn't see it, because he placed it in the gravel. Once I noticed, I said yes! Needless to say, it was the best find of the day.

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